about us


M.H.Chen’s Industrial- Your Global Manufacturing Source for Quality Commercial Fishing Equipments.

Established in year 1980, M.H.Chen’s Industrial Co., Ltd. (MHC) has been a dominant manufacturer and supplier in the commercial fishing equipment industry in Taiwan. Continuous production improvement and R&D investment have made MHC a prominent commercial fishing gear manufacturer renowned for its outstanding product quality and customer service. Currently, MHC occupies more than 60 % of the market share in Taiwan and has expanded its market presence into Asia, North America, Australia, and around the globe.

 As a leading manufacturer in the industry, MHC has invested significantly in upgrading its production facilities and improving its product quality. Our manufacturing equipments have been automated, which brings to our clients large production capacity for fast deliveries and cost effectiveness for highly competitive prices. MHC also focuses extensively on quality control. There are many numerous quality assurance checkpoints, both during and after production, to minimize errors before production and delivery are affected. After production, TQC (Total Quality Check) is conducted on every single part to ensure the highest quality and reliability in our products.

MHC is committed to our products, services and customers. We strive to foster long-term customer relationships by providing value-added and mutually beneficial products and services to all our clients. Our business objective is simple: To consistently and punctually delivery priced, high quality products to our clients.

Value Proposition

MHC firmly believes in “creating values for our clients.” From your initial contact with MHC to transaction and to post-sale services, we focus on saving time, money, and business risks for you. We strive to make sure that the products you purchase from MHC are not simply material products, but a full package of prompt service, assured quality, low cost, and convenience.

Contracting M.H.Chen’s Industrial for your fishing gear needs will provide your organization with benefits including:

  1. Cost Reduction: When purchasing form MHC, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer. You control your orders and will know the status of each delivery without incurring the cost and inconvenience of middleman. What’s better? Dealing with MHC directly eliminates the unnecessary makeup of the middleman, which creates greater savings for your organization.
  2. Quality Assurance: MHC conducts stringent quality checks at many points of our production process. We systematically monitor our materials, tools, and production process to minimize the possibilities of irregularities and inconsistencies.
  3. Risk Minimization: You can rely on MHC’s professionalism in all business dealing; we have extensive experience and knowledge of the industry in which we work.
  4. Reliable Delivery: Regardless of where you are located, MHC works with reputable brokers to ensure that your orders are delivered in simple and timely manners.
  5. One Stop Shopping: MHC’s extensive manufacturing capability allows for customized products as per your request. If items not carried by us are needed, our industry experience can help you source local suppliers for low cost but high quality products, making it a “One Stop Shopping” for all your needs.
  6. Guaranteed Satisfaction: MHC is dedicated to ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with our products and services. We guarantee that our products are low cost, consistent, and of the highest quality.